Interest Labs™

Better understanding

Our Vision

We are Interest Labs™

We believe the most meaningful and valuable connections are based on common understanding.

However, it is really hard to build these connections unless there’s a standard means of conveying this understanding.

Our goal is to deliver that universal framework of understanding through our platform and products.

We envision a world where people and brands communicate and transact through common interests; where personalization and discovery is powered by interest graphs that people own and use wherever they wish. We envision a world where interest data is shared responsibly with benefits for everyone.

Everything understands everything.

What we do:

Interests Labs delivers a technology platform enabling high quality connections between brands and consumers; providing insight and understanding through interests and context.


Who we do it for:


We believe people should own their personal interest graph. People should be able to take it anywhere and share with whomever they choose.

A personal interest account gives people a means to collect interests, express affinity and engage with apps and services across the web to receive amazing personalized experiences.


We believe brands need a better way to forge the quality connections that lead to deep understanding of their audiences. Our platform and products can be used to enable personalized experiences, increase user engagement and drive growth through actionable insights and increased marketing effectiveness.


Our key initiatives focused on the understanding of interests.


People are defined by how they feel about their interests. Because interests are everywhere, we created iminto to be an interest graph that people can own and use anywhere they wish to get highly personalized experiences.

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By defining, calculating and leveraging the relationships between entities, search becomes smarter, recommendations become more accurate, and discovery becomes intuitive.


In development

Interest Labs supports and endorses the use of  Permatags™as a common architecture of understanding.